I need to orgasm. Badly. It’s been five days since I came last, and now I’m overflowing with sexual energy. Every slightest thing, whether it’s erotic or not, sends signals shivering quickly down my cock. I drop Post-it notes into my lap, and it’s hard. I bump into the kitchen counter while making a cup of tea, and it’s hard. I touch myself frequently throughout the day, just a little nudge of my penis, and my erection is instant. I’m about ready to explode. But I have to wait for you.

So when we finally meet, and we kiss like we’ve been apart for decades, devouring each other, consumed with passion, my cock is more than ready. You reach with your hand and stroke me through my jeans, and I practically pass out with the flood of endorphins rushing through my brain. You quickly unzip me, and in that instant, I’m in your mouth. 

I feel like I’m going to orgasm with just that single sensation. Your lips tight against my shaft, my cock deep in your hot mouth. But then you pull back deliciously slowly, maintaining pressure until your lips just kiss the top of my cock.

Speed is not what drives me over the edge, but contact. You take me in your mouth again and slide your lips down over my head, pulling back the foreskin, until you can take no more of me. I need to feel your mouth around me, and I need that friction of your lips against my cockclit.

It only takes about a minute of these movements to send me over the edge. I never want you to vary this pace, and the slowest actions are far more intense than if you were sucking me quickly. 

My whole body is wracked with tension, and every muscle is screaming out in ecstasy. I grab fistfuls of your blonde hair and push myself deep into you, and my hot white cum fills your mouth. My cock pulses intensely and twitches with each shudder. You suck every last drop of my salty cum and savor the taste. But it’s not quite enough for you, so you lick my cock clean, and with a firm hold of my cock, ease out the very last drop from my head, sending even more waves of pleasure through my spent body.

I can’t feel where I am just now. So many sensations are coursing through my veins. But I watch you smile demurely and lick the last drop of cum off your lips, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

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