The stainless steel shackles were very discreet, but they told a future story of a hard fantasy waiting to be played out. Matching the aluminum trim of the sliding door, they were strategically placed for optimum comfort and exhibitionism. You had never noticed them until I led you there, and even now, you can’t see them as I’ve had you blindfolded since entering the house. 

Luxurious leather straps caress your wrists and ankles, and when I placed the collar around your neck and slowly cinched it up, you smell the delicious Italian leather. You are, of course, naked, except for your favorite Louboutins. And as I spread your limbs out and tie you securely to the door frame, you feel yourself grow wetter and wetter with every second.

I leave you there for a while, a beautifully bound body, spread wide for the world to see. But I have the bedroom lights off, and only a sliver of light comes from the bathroom, displaying your body in all its sensuality.

The seconds drift to minutes, and you start to become impatient. But just as you begin to grow frustrated, you feel my body behind you. 

At first, I just blow on your neck, and you whimper quietly in anticipation. Then there are long slow kisses, all the way down your spine until I reach your ass, and my fingers slip inside your wet pussy. You push back and tilt your ass, whispering, 

Fuck me.

My hard cock pushes deep inside you, and you feel me hold your hips firmly, slamming myself deep inside you. The shackles are firmly bolted to the doorframe, and you pull defiantly against the leather straps, willing me to fuck you harder and harder. The Louboutin heels arch your calves so exquisitely, and your ass is perfectly placed for deep penetration.

The is a subtle movement across the rooftops and balconies; perhaps someone has noticed the fabulous fucking that’s going on up here, and the thrill of being watching amplifies everything. In a short while, you feel yourself close to orgasming, and my pace intensifies. I can feel your excitement growing, and my orgasm begins to build. Finally, we climax together, my hard cock buried deep inside you, pulsing my hot cum into your body. You collapse against your bindings and feel my semen slowly drain out of you. Spent and exhausted, I slowly undo the straps and carry you to our bed. Partially conscious, you can feel my body wrapped around yours, small delicate kisses on your back, and a recovered hard cock pressed against your fabulous ass hole. But that will be for dessert, a little while later, after we’ve slept and rested for a time.

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