To be fair, it certainly was one of the more unusual sexual experiences I’ve ever had. Unusual is perhaps too strong of a word. Let’s just call it surreal.

January 6th, 2021: A whole hoard of pro-Trump supporters, whipped up into a mob-like frenzy by the President’s own words, stormed the US Capitol building. We were in Mexico at the time and blissfully unaware while we settled into bed late into the evening. 

I was casually stroking my partner’s cock, while he checked his phone for any outstanding emails that required attention. We had both told our kids that we wouldn’t be entirely out of touch. Twice a day, at 9am and 9pm, we would turn our phones on and check-in. And of course, if there was anything life-threatening, they knew the name of the hotel we were at.

So here we were, both focused on the news feeds, reading the stories of the day. Scrolling down the New York Times website, watching history unfold before us. And technically, it had already happened, but for us, it was happening right now. Only later would we discover that four people died that day.

Then we stumbled upon C-SPAN and started watching the House Debate on whether or not to accept objection to Pennsylvania’s Electoral College vote. 

Strangely enough, I couldn’t stop touching my lover. As if there was some comfort in the act of bringing him pleasure. The repetitive motion of my hand, slowly stroking him and feeling his hard cock, even though we were watching the House of Representatives debate live on C-SPAN. Not the sexiest of tv channels.

And as the endless talking into the night continued, so did the stroking, gradually pulling his foreskin further and further down his beautiful shaft, harder and faster. I would linger for a while, pausing to play with that super-sensitive fold of skin just underneath his head, what we called his cockclit.

I’m not sure how long this went on. Mesmerized by the debate, I almost rubbed his cock raw, but finally, we had watched enough, and I found myself equally turned on. My pussy was deliciously wet. C-SPAN: Sexier than you think.

It didn’t seem right to have sex when the country has suffered a horrible attack on the constitution and democracy. So I quickly grabbed the nearby sunscreen and gave my partner the lubrication his cock so desperately needed.

With the phone put away, I was free to pay complete attention to his cock. Within short order, I had him quivering on the edge of an intense orgasm. I think we both required that release to counter the stress of watching such disturbing news. With three final strokes, I had my hand filled with hot sticky cum. I watched my lover collapse into the bed; his body was devoid of any further tension. 

My vibrator is especially quiet, but I don’t think with it turned to its loudest and most violent setting, it would have disturbed my lover. He was out for the count. I didn’t really want to linger this evening. I needed the same release that my lover had so quickly. Both my clit and G-spot are fabulously sensitive, and perhaps a lifetime of using vibrators have made them even more responsive to the high frequencies of modern sex toys. And as my orgasm(s) swept through my tense body, I squeezed my thighs together for one last little moment of excitement, then swiftly fell asleep. Partially collapsed on top of my lover. Arms and legs entwined haphazardly.

What would come of tomorrow and the world? At that moment, neither of us cared too much. 

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