The resort was perhaps a little ostentatious, and in places, it lacked originality. It was a cookie-cutter destination resort that could have been at any coastal beach location in the world. But it did have two saving graces: Our room on the ninth floor was well-appointed, offering a glorious view of the ocean through a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Immediately in front of the windows was this exquisite chaise lounge. Modern in styling, there were probably a thousand of them in the whole building, but it looked classy and a little out of place. Like the interior designers thought, “Fuck it! Let’s blow the furniture budget on this chaise lounge.” Well played, whoever you are.

We both looked at the seat and had the same thought. What better way to start a vacation than with a quick fuck, right?

There was no foreplay, just an understanding between my boyfriend and me about what needed to happen. And fast.

Clothes were immediately pulled off and kicked to the side of the room. I lay back on the chaise lounge and watched him with delight as he went to work. I love feeling him between my legs. There is something delicious about looking down at my body and having him framed between my breasts. I’m fortunate to know a brilliant plastic surgeon and have the most fantastic double D’s. God bless the chemical properties of silicone. 

His cunnilingus skills are exceptional, and part of me wonders if I’m only with him because he makes me cum so hard, so quickly, and so often. No, he has other uses too. Like his cock.

Okay, let’s not get distracted. Back to watching him lick and suck me, all the while stealing glances out towards the beautiful ocean. There was a set of waves rolling in, I couldn’t tell if anyone was surfing them from this distance, but they were a fitting backdrop to having my clit sucked on. Like each wave, I felt my orgasms roll into shore, each one crashing harder than the one before. It wasn’t long before I was utterly satiated and wanted him to fuck me.

Did I mention my boyfriend’s fabulous cock? Yeah, I probably already did. But let’s examine it further.

Pulling him off my now very wet pussy, I had him stand in front of me, his cock standing to attention. As I sat on the edge of the chaise lounge, I was positioned perfectly to take him in my mouth. But I didn’t. I know how much he likes to be stroked, especially with that gloriously sexy foreskin of his that I can roll back and forth. I feel so sorry for circumcised men. What do they do? 

But like my boyfriend’s exceptional skills at licking my pussy, I was pretty savvy with his cock and blowjobs. I knew after a short while he was eager to have me take him in his mouth. Perhaps it was when he grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth? Not subtle, but I like it when he takes control of me sometimes. Besides, I was ready for it.

I’ve had large cocks in my mouth, and it’s exhausting opening your jaw that wide for so long. Fortunately, my boyfriend’s cock is the perfect size for all my holes. All of them. Trust me.

It’s never been about speed or how deep I take him in my mouth, but the sensation of feeling my lips against his head. I take my time to hold the base of his cock with my hand and then press my lips tightly together. Pushing my mouth slowly down over him, my teeth slightly grazing his cock, sending electric shocks down his rigid member as I hold him tightly with my mouth. It’s all about the friction for him. And then slowly pulling back, lingering over that tiny crease of skin where the foreskin meets his cock. It’s super sensitive on him, and I’ve taken to calling it his ‘cock-clit’. I know, I’m cute.

If I did this for much longer, he would cum in my mouth, which is always fun, but this chaise lounge needed a proper breaking in. So I pulled his cock down and into me. 

That first moment feeling him inside me is always exceptional. My pussy is super tight, and I can feel every inch of him. One of the beautiful things about his cock is that it has this perfect curve to it. Whatever family ancestry and genes are responsible for making it that way, I really should send them a Thank-You note. It hits my G-spot with ease, and given the brilliant height of this chaise lounge, he was having more than a bit of fun fucking me. His energy levels were amped up way higher than normal.

I pulled my legs up to my chest, and he held me firmly down with his hands on my thighs, driving himself deeper and deeper into me. Maybe I imagined it, but he felt and looked more rigid than usual. Bigger, even. 

Watching him fuck me was the best, but then I threw my head back when he slammed into me with superior force than I was expecting; I found I could look out again at those same waves rolling in, albeit upside down now.

I wanted him to keep fucking me for the next four days like this. I could take his cock over and over again on this seat; all the angles were perfect, and judging by how vigorous he was fucking me, my boyfriend was enjoying the new position. I’m sure he was enjoying the view too. But then again, my breasts are hard to stop looking at, and the chaise lounge was doing a significant job of showing them off. He probably never saw the waves at all.

But like all good things, they must eventually end. I could tell he was close to orgasming; the intensity and frequency of his cock movements had changed to that final home stretch feeling. But he found this new angle for us both to finish on, a combination of him driving almost vertically down inside me and at the same time rubbing my clit with his pubis, and out of nowhere, I came one last furious time.

With my orgasm shuddering through my body, he let go and came inside me. I could tell that was a perfect climax for him. Mostly because there was cum everywhere now. How did that happen?

But shockingly, we hadn’t got anything on the chaise lounge. Was this a magical piece of furniture, capable of fabulous sexual experiences but managing to avoid all the excessive bodily fluids? For god’s sake, it was a faux suede come leather material!

We fucking need one of these.”, I said.

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