I’m delighted with our new house. And I think my wife is too. High on the list of housing requirements was having a proper walk-in closet—none of those tiny pseudo-walk-in Seattle closets, where you can barely walk two steps inside. My wife wanted an actual room for her clothes. And of course her shoes.

It would be wrong of me to portray a cliched stereotype that she is a woman who has too many shoes, far from it. She has a minimal collection of exquisite footwear. Quality over quantity, she says.

I heard her shout my name through the house from the closet. There was a sense of urgency in her voice, so I bounded up the stairs and entered our new bedroom. We haven’t completely unpacked yet, so there are still a few boxes lying around, the contents waiting for a new home. Anticipating some problem, I found her standing in the front of the floor-length mirror, completely naked, except for a new pair of delicious Louboutins.

My heart stopped, and I had a moment of pure carnal lust. The heels were at least 4” and accentuated her beautiful calves. Weeks and weeks of Pilates classes and her ass had utterly changed shape. How did I not notice this before?

There was a coy smile on her face as she saw me admire her body as if I had never seen it before. Pivoting on one heel, she turned and beckoned me over to her. By now, my heart had started pumping again and was somewhat racing, pushing large volumes of blood into my cock. I was incredibly hard within seconds. As if I was a horny teenager again.

I leaned in to kiss my incredibly hot wife, but she turned towards the mirror again and said to my reflection:

“Fuck me now, please!”

I don’t need to be told twice. I quickly stripped off all my clothes, releasing my stiff cock from my underwear. My wife tilted her hips for me to enter her pussy. She was already quite wet, and I slid inside of her with little resistance. But saying that, she still was tight around my cock, and we both shuddered with pleasure with that first stroke.

We settled into a comfortable rhythm, but there was a new urgency to our movements. Something about watching her in the mirror, arms outstretched either side of the frame, pushing back against me. Her perfect breasts were moving in time with our movements. My hands were holding her hips, slamming myself into her, driving harder and harder into her. I was so close to orgasming, far quicker than I usually take. The whole experience was erotically exciting for both of us.

At some point, raw passion took control of us, and it was not long before I felt you orgasm hard around my cock. Your legs were trembling as all that sexual tension flowed away from you, and all that was left was ecstasy. You were also unusually vocal, but thankfully the closet was in the middle of the house, so our new neighbors would not be disturbed by our sexual activities. Pushing that thought out of my head, I looked down and saw your fabulous ass. Again, I reverted to teenage boy status and came instantly. My hard cock pulsing frantically, filling you with my cum, holding myself so deep inside your fabulous sex. 

We stayed there for a few minutes, my cock still hard inside of you, and I covered your neck and back with a thousand kisses of gratitude and appreciation. I love biting your neck and feeling you frantically push your body back into me. I reached around and held your breasts hard against your body. I think we could have fucked again; so much sexual energy was flowing between us.

At the back of my mind, I made a mental note to thank our realtor for convincing us that this was the house for us. 

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