It is the middle of the night. One of those oppressively dark nights, a moonless night, not even any stars to show the sky has some depth. If there were a glimmer of hope from the moon, you would see dark clouds moving quickly across the sky, rushing away from the oncoming storm.

As if on cue, you feel my teeth bite the back of your neck. Just a playful little nip to see if you are awake and ready. A subtle tilt of your hips into my hard cock signals your readiness, and a smile hidden by the darkness spreads across your lips.

Immediately you feel my hands on your arms, and I push you down hard into the firm bed. Pinned on your front, you can feel my cock push eagerly into you. There is no resistance as you are already incredibly wet. Slowly I take you, inch by inch, filling your hot pussy with my curved penis, the head dragging across your g-spot, sending shivers of pleasure through your body.

Under a mess of tangled blonde hair, and above the sound of the outside raging storm, you imperceptibly speak the words:

Fuck me.

And so I do. But this isn’t a regular playful fuck, and I slam into you with my whole body. Every stroke pushes the air out of your lungs, and you gasp for breath. You are being ravaged. A brutally simplistic but elegant fuck.

Struggling against my hold, you push your perfect ass up higher, and I shift my hands to your hips. The full force of my penetration drives you slowly to the point of climax, but I’m not done yet. As if sensing your approaching cascade into an orgasm, I reach up and pull your head back. Your hair is held tightly in my hand, with enough pressure to hurt you slightly, my cock violently slamming into your tight sex, you cum immediately. 

The pain gives way to exquisite pleasure as you feel my orgasm pulse through your sex, and I release you from my restrictive hold. I am entirely spent, collapse exhausted around you, and spoon you tightly into the wild and stormy night.

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