There comes a time when you have to ask for it. No more dancing around the subject. Being coy. Flirting. Hinting. Suggesting. Just say out loud to the person you want to fuck, 

Fuck me.

And if that doesn’t work, then it was never meant to be. No-one should hesitate when those words are said. Not if there is a mutual lust for each other. The next action should be a kiss, and a proper kiss at that. I’ve said this many times before, but if the kiss isn’t there, then nothing else will be. It doesn’t matter how hot the body; without a great kiss, there is no genuine passion to build upon. The rest is just physiological responses to stimulus. Meh. Boring.

Then there are your hands, which should be all over each other. Depending on the level of public awareness will determine how much can happen next at this point. But you have to hold the person close; there needs to be physical contact, even if it’s just through a multitude of clothing layers. You have to feel them. Explore them. Reach around and grab that ass, or reach down and stroke that cock/clit. Find those pleasure points and push on them.

If all that is going swimmingly, the next step is finding a convenient spot to get naked and fuck. Your place, or theirs. Whoever’s car is closest, is the conference room empty, or perhaps a darkened doorway close by the bar? Some locations will be easier than others.

There is some erotism about slowly taking each other’s clothes off, but for the first time, everything needs to come off fast (I’m assuming at this point we have the luxury of an actual bedroom). Don’t be bashful; just get naked. And there is nothing worse than interrupting the flow of passion with a fumbled bra clasp. I’ve practiced long and hard to do it with one hand, but even then, there can be missteps, and you don’t want that anxiety kicking in right when you are about to fuck your crush.

What happens next is you go back to what you were doing before: Making out. But now the barriers of clothing have been removed, and so you can really let yourselves go. If the chemistry is bubbling over, then fucking will be imminently close. By all means, throw in some oral sex, and I certainly advocate sharpening your cunnilingus/fellatio skills to the point of obsession. There really isn’t anything better than making your love cum with your tongue and then fucking them once again. 

And remember, the first time is just that: The First Time. You don’t have to get a 9.8 from the German Olympic judges on your dismount. Just be you, enjoy the experience. Most importantly is being attentive and paying attention. You’ll figure out your love’s turn-ons and turn-offs fairly quickly if both of you are being authentic and aware.

What you have to look forward to is the Second Time. Because that’s when the secret sauce kicks in, all the nervousness and awkwardness are gone. You’ve seen each other naked, tasted all of your private parts. And neither one of you has run from the room screaming. Hopefully.

Now the actual fuck you’ve dreamt of happens. But throw away all that fantasy stuff. Nothing in the movies or literature is like real life. Except for my erotica, which is pretty darn honest, except I might smooth off some of the rough edges of reality. As hard as I’ve tried, there is really no way to make a fart erotic. Hopefully, you can laugh about it, even knock one out in response, perhaps.

Anyway, my main takeaway from the Second Time is that nobody ever really climaxes at the same time. This is where your ego has to take a back seat, and you need to take care of your person, not yourself. This idea is a tough thing to do, but it’s the basis of all great love-making. One person gets all the attention (Being Done), and then you reciprocate (Doing). Figure that shit out early on, and you guys will be fucking like the Second Time for the rest of your life.

Okay, said my piece. Go back to reading my erotica and orgasming. Lots.

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