Damn! This date is going way better than expected. I mean, I knew from his writing that this was an intelligent and articulate man. The few emails that we had exchanged spoke of someone well-traveled, an actual interesting potential partner.

What I wasn’t expecting was to be pulled into a dark doorway and kissed so passionately. We had just left the bar and meandering through the city, not entirely wanting the date to be over, but we had closed down the bar and had nowhere to go but into the streets.

No one had ever done this to me before. I had never felt lips like his. He knew exactly the right amount of playfulness, and then he also knew exactly when to give me something more. I little nip of my top lip, a carefully executed tongue maneuver, his hands on all the right places of my body. God, I was so wet. I imagine he can smell my sex; I’m so turned on. My pussy wants this man. Badly.

Somehow he knew, and I feel his hand skillfully pull up my skirt and enter my panties. Thank god I had worn the incredible tiny ones, so he didn’t have much resistance. I sighed heavily as he fingered my clit, then pushed his fingers inside of me. God, this was so freaking hot. And we weren’t that well hidden from any other late-night stragglers.

I reached down and felt his hard cock. It was pushing hard against his pants, and I really wanted to suck him. But that would be going too far for me. We needed to get in an Uber right now so he could fuck me. By the way, his cock was pretty well sized. I imagined all sorts of fun with him. (A whole lifetimes, to be honest.)

Whatever he was doing with his fingers was working, and surprisingly (and yet unsurprisingly), I was about to cum. I don’t even get myself off this fast. Who had I gone on a date with? A damn unicorn?

Collapsing into his arms, I orgasmed so violently, waves of pleasure flooding my body from all directions. And his hand was still inside my completely soaked underwear. Yeah, you could definitely smell that sweet scent of my wet pussy. 

Where was that damn Uber?

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