So you are sitting in your favorite chair outside on the deck, the late afternoon sun streaming across your beautifully tanned body. Every part of you feels so violently alive, the adrenaline still coursing through your veins, an aftereffect of your midday run through the forest and short swim in the slightly cool pond. You are naked aside from a silver hair tie that pulls your hair away from your face, leaving your neck exposed for the anticipated seduction. Legs placed slightly apart; you can feel the sun warm the inside of your thighs, the top of your flat belly, and down to your succulent pussy; ever so slightly swollen and tantalizingly growing wetter with every minute.  Why? Because in your hands, you have two hard and stiff cocks: standing either side of you are two handsome young men, waiting with increasing intensity as you slowly rub your thumb in small circles around their cockclits. You can feel each of them shake as you hit the secret spot on their cocks; that little fold of foreskin that is so ultra-sensitive to all men. You alternatively offer your thumb to each boy, letting him lick and suck your thumb and then return to your incessant rubbing, a little lubrication to make the boys shudder even harder.

But your thumbs grow tired, and you want some attention for yourself now. One cock you take in your mouth, sucking him deep within you, feeling his huge cock fill you completely. It tastes slightly salty but deliciously sexy. The other you direct to lick you clean, and you push your hips into his face, driving his tongue deeper inside you, letting him savor every inch of you. Both men are silent and totally devoted to your pleasure. Only the very occasional cry of satisfaction comes from them as your lips ride skillfully over their perfect cocks. 

The young men swap places, and now the intensity rises. Each is desperate to make you cum, so that they will be able to also. You are in control of them. It’s your mouth, hands, pussy, or ass that will bring them both to completion, and you haven’t decided which it will be yet.

Your first wave of orgasms comes unexpectedly, and you pause from sucking their cocks to feel them ripple through your body. From head to toe, your body is dripping in sweat, the seat sticky with co-mingled fluids, your labia flushed and full. Totally relaxed, you take both men back to their starting positions, but alternately suck them deep for a few seconds, then flick your head across to the other. Each is cock is as hard as a shaft of steel and so near the point of showering you with their hot white cum. But you slow down, letting them hover on the very edge of their orgasm, cruelly not bringing them to an end. You can feel them cry internally for release; 

Please, please, please, let us fuck you?” they say with their eyes.

So you rise slowly and lead them by their cocks over to the pool, where there is a sun lounger already covered in a thick, luxurious beach towel. You direct one of them to lie down and then spread your legs, feeding the man’s stiff shaft inside you. Your pussy is deliciously tight, and the man cries out in pleasure, a broad smile on his handsome face. You wrap yourself around him entirely and feel his wide girth fill you to absolute satisfaction. Your movements are slow and steady, using the full length of his cock to probe the depths of your sex, fingers digging into his muscled chest for support. The other young man looks on attentively, still eager and willing for your attention. You motion him across and let him suck your breasts while you play with his balls and stroke him gently, all the while gliding up and down on the other’s hard cock. Your hand drifts around and strokes the inside of the men’s taught thighs, playing with him as you fuck yourself into another set of orgasms.

But you want more, one cock isn’t enough inside you, and if sensing your needs exactly, the boy sucking your nipples reaches around and pushes a finger into your ass. You whimper in delight and lean forward, pressing your breasts into the other’s face for him to suck and lick furiously.  Skillfully the other enters you, pushing his cock deep into your ass, and both boys find a rhythm to fuck you never like before. Hands-on your hips, hands on your breasts, hair pulled tight, mouths finding necks and shoulders, fingernails digging deep into their skin, scratching and biting, all the while being fucked by two satisfyingly large cocks. You can barely breathe, you can scarcely think; everything is a flood of pleasure and sensations. All the senses hugely overstimulated. You don’t know where their hands and mouths are, but they seem to be over every inch of your body, finding all the places that make you flinch with pleasure and consequently tighten around their cocks even harder.  

And then suddenly, it stops; they withdraw from you and dive into the pool, leaving you gasping for completion, for satisfaction, hovering right on the very edge of a massive orgasm. You start to rub yourself furiously, trying to push over the edge into the climax you know is so close. Fingers are sliding in and out of your slick pussy; you seek out everyplace you know that feels good, but it just isn’t enough. You want to be fucked. And Fucked Right Now.

Eyes closed and lost in your own anxious pleasure; you don’t feel me lean over you and kiss your open mouth, circling my tongue around yours, biting and sucking your beautiful lips. Without hesitation, you lay back and pull me inside you, feeling my solid cock so familiar to you, the scent of my skin, the heaviness of my body on yours that feels so good, so right. We don’t move for a while, content to stare into each other’s eyes and feel our bodies relax into each other. Although there is nothing but absolute tension in your sex, I can feel it pulsing around my cock, screaming for attention that it so needs. 

And we fuck. Like we always have. Time after time brings the experience of old lovers and the attention to each other’s needs that always results in awesome love-making. We climax together; great waves of pleasure between us, hot salty kisses over your breasts. Your fingernails buried deep into my back, passionate bites to your neck and shoulders, legs wrapped tight around me, pulling me so deep inside you as I fill your pussy with my cum. 

We sleep. The pool is silent, as the young men have gone on to someone else. Quietly, stealthily, but with an immediate purpose, there is the slow click-click-click of Louboutin heels walking across the deck. 

This evening’s entertainment has arrived early.

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