Fingers tracing perfect circles around your breasts. Gradually reducing until just barely grazing your hard nipples. Sharp intakes of breath as I hit vital points. Slight arching of your back as you will me to take you in my mouth. You can feel my hard cock pressed against you, ever so slightly pulsing with anticipation. And so I lick your left breast. Slowly. The heat of my mouth over your nipple elicits a soft moan from you. And when my lips close around you, I can feel your sex open for me. At the same time, I suck your breasts hard and push myself deep into you. The tightness of your delicious sex makes me almost cum. My cock is so hard and big inside of you. Every curve is felt between us. 

Kissing your fabulous lips, there is an energetic shift. I push faster and deeper. And you push back. Driving my cock to hit your g-spot repeatedly. You pull me harder and harder. I feel like I’m going to split you in two. Slamming my whole body into your pussy. My hands hold your hips, and I can feel myself about to explode. Listening to your rapid breath and feeling your orgasm begin, I let myself go and don’t hold back. Those last few thrusts are almost violent in intensity, and as you climax, I fill you with my white-hot semen. My cock pulsing rapidly. My heart beating even faster. Our bodies locked together. Staring deep into each other’s eyes. Feeling the waves of pleasure roll through. And then there is a kiss. Long and lingering. Like the first time, it’s utterly divine.

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