I’m not really complaining about this fact, it’s more of an observation than anything else, but my boyfriend’s cock is always hard. Maybe it’s all the other men I’ve been with, and they really just weren’t into me, but this guy gets hard and stays hard around me. It’s fabulous.

Although I have noticed that when he is drunk and/or stoned, the quality of his erections is superb. The rest of the time, they are brilliant, but there is something about when he is utterly relaxed. Perhaps, like us all, he has his own anxieties and insecurities. I mean, I hate my feet. Don’t even think about touching them when we are fucking. Nope. Those are deeply off-limits.

The other time when I enjoy his cock is about thirty minutes before he wakes up in the morning. I have no clue what, or more specifically, who he is dreaming about, but his penis is really into them. No pun intended.

So I often take that time to play with him if I happen to also be awake. 

He is really quite perfect for me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a penis that fits me so well. Everywhere. And I’m especially pleased about him being uncircumcised. Playing casually with his foreskin turns me on fabulously. And so this is what I was planning on doing this morning.

We both sleep naked, and during summertime, the covers are often kicked off the bed. So he was peacefully lying there on his back, ever so slightly snoring away, his hard cock ready to be touched. I didn’t want to disturb him, but I knew if I was delicate enough, I could taunt him for a long time.

Using my finger and thumb, I stroked the outside of his cock, slowly from tip to base, occasionally pulling his foreskin down so that his perfect head was exposed. It took all my willpower not to put him in my mouth.

Then I used just the nail of my index finger to stroke the top of his rigid member, lingering over that soft fold of skin where the foreskin connects to the head. He is super sensitive there, and I felt him stir slightly when I repeatedly touched that spot.

Gauging his responsiveness with these initial movements, I knew I could be a little firmer, So I wrapped my hand around him and squeezed. God, he was so rock hard; it felt like he was carved out of marble or some other beautiful stone. 

I increased my speed and grip, and with each repeating cycle of my movements, I sensed his orgasm rising. I’ve only managed to get him off while he was sleeping once before, so this would be challenging.

I really needed to slow things down, but I was so turned on, feeling my sex become flushed, my Bartholin’s glands going into overdrive, thus making more than a little wet. Waking him up would be disappointing, but we’d fuck like normal, and that was always good. Still, I grabbed the super slippery lubricant we used when he fucked me in the ass, and that made all the difference. 

My hand was sliding up and down his slick cock; I don’t think either of us could move our hips and fuck that fast, so I wasn’t surprised when my hand was, in short order, covered his sticky white cum. 

I licked the salty residue off my fingers and then took him in my mouth for one last delicious taste of his semen. 

As I lifted my head up, I saw him smiling at me, a grin that spoke volumes on the quality of his orgasm.

Were you asleep for all of that?” I asked.

Not really,” he replied sheepishly.

Damn! Oh well. I’m sure to have ample opportunity to try that again.

Do you feel like fucking me now?

Absolutely,” he said.

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