Undoubtedly the most effective way to grab my attention was for her to say in the middle of our first Zoom date,

I need all my holes filled.

It took a few seconds for my brain to process that statement. I am by no means a shrinking violet, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say that so casually in a conversation. And mean it with such seriousness. So, of course, my brain would falter for a second or two, working out which holes and in what order. It’s the engineer in me.

And here we are. In bed. Naked. With my cock in her mouth. It’s okay. Technically it is our third date. What with COVID-19 this year, virtual dates count as real ones.

She’s good, quite good. I might be the only man in the world that isn’t fond of blowjobs. All that attention focused on just one part of me, and I lie there worrying about how long I take, wondering if her mouth is getting sore from being open so wide. And all those anxieties feed into the worst one: Losing your erection.

But thankfully, she’s actually doing things moderately well, and I’m staying hard as a rock. But I rarely cum this way, so it’s time for the main event.

I pull her off me and flip her around. Missionary is so dull, and when you don’t know each other, not facing one another is probably best. So I take my cock and slide it into her doggy style. She is deliciously wet and surprisingly tight. I slowly pull my hard cock out and then slam my cock into her pussy. My hands grip her hips tightly, for each time I thrust forward, I feel like her 105lbs frame is going to be launched into the headboard. At some point in our virtual conversations, she mentioned the words “Rough” and “I like it.”

I honestly can do this all day. Thank god for perfect control. She’s probably wondering why I haven’t cum in ten strokes. I mean, her ass is pretty amazing, and I rightfully should have; if I were every other man she’s fucked. But I’m not. So I keep fucking her harder and harder. One hand on her shoulders, the other grabbing a bunch of blonde hair, I pull her back into me. 

We fuck like this for ages. And then I hear,

Fuck me in the ass.

Her asshole is so so tight, but with a little lube and playtime, she takes my whole cock. I can feel her body radiate satisfaction at this final step. For the first time in two decades, she’s getting properly fucked. Her whole body relaxes into my movements, and I hold still for a while, letting her push her fine body into me. I really might cum in ten strokes.

It’s quite the turn on as if I wasn’t already rock hard, watching my cock slide in and out of this perfectly formed ass. Watching her work herself into a quiet frenzy, pushing my cock deeper and deeper inside of her. It’s very subtly, but I can feel her tighten around my cock as she quietly orgasms, and with that audible sigh of satisfaction, I immediately cum inside her. My cock pulses so hard I can feel her twitch with every drop of semen flowing into her. 

We both collapse into the bed, a shambles of arms and legs intertwined, spent and exhausted. 

Mission accomplished. All holes filled.

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