I was being super sneaky, but I also knew his routine well. There would be a moment when his hair was full of shampoo (mine, of course—since I buy the nice Aveda stuff), and he would be busy massaging it in, eyes blissfully closed.

This would be my chance to strike when he was the least aware of his surroundings. Today was going to be especially easy as he had cranked up his favorite Spotify channel (Pete Tong’s Essential Selection) on the overhead Bluetooth speaker. 

I mean, if he was really being observant, he would have heard the acoustics change subtly as I opened the glass door to the shower enclosure, but my boyfriend wasn’t, and he didn’t.

I snuck in, knelt down, and put his cock in my mouth. (Interestingly enough, he was actually pretty firm. Who was he thinking about in here? Hmmm.)

He froze, then sighed. I was forever giving him blowjobs, and you think he’d be more appreciative of all that attention. Most men would die if they knew I gave them out as often as I do. What can I say? I like giving head. 

But then he does love being in the shower, and I was probably disturbing him from figuring out the mechanics of some great short story in his head. That’s the trouble being married (technically, we aren’t, but as good as) to a writer. They are forever plotting. When I talk to him, I swear he looks above my head and imagines double quotes around everything I say. “…she said, annoyingly.”

Anyway, back to his cock. In my mouth. Which is now very fucking hard. 

Even though he may get bored of blowjobs, he certainly doesn’t have any trouble getting turned on by them. It might be because after reading everything he has written on the subject of them, I know EXACTLY what he likes.

I suspect if every man were to explain in great detail the art of turning them on and making them come, then the world would be a much happier place. The same goes for women. I could write a six thousand word essay on “How my clit works.” Actually, make that sixty thousand.

I knelt there, shampoo running over my lean body, my breasts enjoying the warm soapy water between them. I was taking my sweet time, pushing his cock deep into my mouth, and then slowly, ever so slowly, pulling it out. Dragging my teeth over him for added sensation.

My lips would then suck his head for a while, my tongue circling around him, playfully making him twitch as I hit all his secret spots. I held him with one hand, the other cupping his balls. I do love that he shaves his scrotum. I don’t get that many pubes in my mouth, and it increases his sensitivity as I drag my sharp fingernails across his testicles. 

The trouble with being incredibly good as fellatio is that I make him come way too fast, and I really want to enjoy it for myself. The feeling of the water rushing over my wet pussy is so lovely. Right now, my labia minora is so swollen and sensitive. I really wish there was someone (man or woman) sucking on my clit right now too. I would come as soon as I felt his semen flood my mouth, then let it dribble out of my mouth and fall down into the tongue of the person licking me. Oh boy, now there’s a fantasy for you, dear boyfriend.

I felt the water starting to run cold, so it was time to wrap things up here. My husband was thinking the same as he grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth. I usually do all the work, but I guess he was feeling like doing something different today. Or more likely, he was writing in his head and just acting it out. Whatever the case, I was holding onto his cock with my lips and mouth tightly, but every time he pushed a little too deep and made me gag, I bit down. Nothing like a bit of pain to encourage that orgasm and do a little training simultaneously, right?

I guess he liked that, as he kept going too deep, and I kept biting back. My teeth stayed permanently engaged in bite mode, and I felt like I would cut deep throughs along his cock with my incisors. Without warning (he usually speeds up, and his intensity in everything changes), he came into my mouth. 

Holy fuck. Where did that all come from? I felt like a genuine porn star, my mouth overflowing with yummy hot and salty cum. Delicious.

The shower was cold now, and we quickly exited, rubbing each other down with hot towels fresh from the dryer. I was dry now but still very wet if you know what I mean.

Lying down on the bed, I spread my legs and said to him,

Hey, handsome! You’ve got some more plot development to do now.

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