When sleep lifts and the morning summer light comes crashing through my window, I see you with fresh eyes again. My beloved, quietly loving me, breath hot against my skin, subtly touching my body and my heart. I crave you like no other. 

There is an urgency to my touch; I need to devour you, like a starving man’s first bite of sustenance. I need you in my mouth, drinking deep your sex, sucking your very intense orgasms through my soul. It feeds me. It empowers my love. And solidifies our connection. 

Likewise, you take me in your mouth and control me completely. I am yours. Totally. Until my cum fills your mouth, and you lick every last drop off my beautiful cock, then I feel at one with the world. And relax into your arms. 

I don’t know how we got here, how this love came to be? Where were you all my life? Now I can’t imagine existing without you. I am yours. And you are mine. My cock deep in you. Your sex tight around me. Fucking. Wanting. Loving. 

But it’s not real—a fiction of my mind! And the anguish crushes me into my empty bed. How cruel my mind is to create such beauty. You were perfect. But you aren’t here with me. Only an intense dream.

The corners of my eyes fill with sadness. Again with this. I need to find you. Find our love.

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