I drugged my boyfriend. Accidentally, of course. But the results were terrific. Let me explain what happened before you judge me too much.

Here is a little backstory before we get into the juicy stuff. My boyfriend is amazing. After twenty years of being married to a narcissist and a miserable twenty years those were too, it’s an absolute joy to be with someone who cares about me. Other pluses are he’s quite handsome, not overweight, cleans the kitchen, sends me flowers, and other assorted awesome things that make me realize what a dysfunctional husband I had. Oh, and I also love my boyfriend’s cock. Like, A LOT.

But the poor guy busted his shoulder, lifting one too many sheets of plywood above his head while building his own house. (Did I mention that he is quite handy also?) While that heals, we’ve been taking things relatively easy, especially regarding sex, which is a bit of a pity because I do like it a little on the rough side. And his wonky shoulder puts a hard stop to that.

Fast forward to this weekend. We have a lovely day together and settle into a cozy evening on the couch, watching a show. We take turns making the cocktails, but I think I’m waaaaay heavier a pour than he is. I did tend bar for a while in my dark and distant past, so that reflex is unconscious to patrons that I like.

By the time we roll upstairs to bed, we’ve both had a few, but I can see my boyfriend wincing with pain as he struggles to take off his teeshirt. I managed to get him to take a Percocet, with a little gentle convincing, along with his usual evening double Aleve hit.

And this is where it gets interesting/fun. The combination of all those drugs, plus the copious amounts of top-shelf gin, turned him into an animal. Before I even had my panties off, he had pushed me back onto the bed and was standing before me, hard as a rock. I went to stroke his cock, but he grabbed me by the neck and squeeeeeeezed. Far more tightly than he had ever done before. And OMG, did I love it.

As if he sensed how turned on I was by this, he grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled my head roughly back. Kissing me fiercely on the lips, we practically devoured each other. I grabbed a handful of his gorgeous cock and squeezed back. The next thing I know, he had picked me up and thrown me down on the bed. He pulled my underwear down my ass and quickly off my body. I tried to raise my pussy up to meet his cock, but he pushed me back down on the bed so violently, I had the breath knocked out of me. His hands were tight against my wrists, and his whole weight pressed against my body, and before I could even take another breath, his cock with deep inside me. And I’m not talking about my pussy.

I do love being fucked in the ass, and this was exceptionally fun having it combined with being held down against my will. I really couldn’t move. With one hand, he held both my wrists above my head, and the other held my hair tightly. Whenever I would try to move, I’d get a quick yank of my hair to remind me who was in charge. This moment was PERFECT. And quite unusual for him to be so intensely aggressive.

I wanted it to last all night, but my tight ass always makes him come relatively quickly, although the drugs had a secondary side effect of making him last forever. I wasn’t sure I could take much more pounding, but I’m pretty sure I could have done that all night. Consequences be damned.

Somehow, I managed to utter a request even though he was pushing my face hard into the pillows,

Cum over my breasts, please!”

Swiftly pulling out of me, he flipped me over and started to stroke himself furiously. I could tell he was seconds away from orgasming, so I push my amazing boobs together to catch his delicious load.

With a final shudder, he gave me what I wanted, and I had a lovely pool of hot semen sliding down my ample cleavage. I let it roll all the way down my belly to my pussy, and then used that to bring myself off. I was far too turned on for it to take any length of time. My ass had correctly been fucked, and I had been appropriately dominated. So it seemed only fair I had, in short order,  an earth-shattering orgasm of my own.

There was a whole sequence of showering, fucking, and then more fucking, but I’m not going to go into details. You’ve already had enough juicy highlights for one morning.

But here’s the crazy thing; when we woke the next day, and I smiled somewhat manically at my boyfriend and said,

We’ve got to do it like that again… soon.

He looked at me quizzically and said,

Do what again?

He couldn’t remember anything past me giving him the Percocet. Not a single image of our fabulous night of rough dominating sex. The combination of drugs and alcohol turned him into a monster but caused him to blackout. How sad is that? 


But there is always next Saturday night. And there is always more Percocet.

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