It’s not quite midnight. The occasional drunk wandering home interrupts us momentarily. I freeze at the slightest sound, slightly paranoid that we will get caught, but this turns you on even more. I can feel your pussy around my cock, hot and wet, ever so slightly creeping down my shaft as you inch backward, pushing yourself off the hood of the car and me further inside you.

Outside is your favorite. In public is the icing on the cake. We’ve done this before, in places all across the city, but tonight is a special treat. I want to slam myself hard into you. Hurt you. Because what we are doing is risky, and you need to be punished. Slightly. But if I fuck you hard, that will probably set the car alarm off. And then the whole neighborhood will be alerted, and most notably, he will come rushing out to check on the beloved BMW.

Sensing my anxiety, you turn around and take me in your mouth. I relax into you, letting you lick my hard shaft and stroke me into almost cuming. You can feel the pulsing of my cock in your mouth. Holding me tight, we freeze again. This time a passing raccoon interrupts our pleasure.

The constant stopping and starting makes for frantic lovemaking. And I’m ready to be done. Pulling you up, I kiss you hard and then flip you around. Legs spread, your dress hiked up above your hips, that perfect ass visible in the cold white light of the LED street lights. I push my cock into your ass, slick enough from the fluids running down your drenched pussy, but it’s still deliciously tight, and you gasp in both pleasure and pain. You reach down and play with your clit while I slowly fuck you, both of us quickly cumming, as the car alarm finally goes off and we run away into the night.

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