It was a pretty typical date up until that point. We met online, and immediately there was a connection through our messaging. Next up came three lovely virtual Zoom dates, where we laughed and chatted like old friends. The time would pass by so quickly, we would often not realize the hours and hours we had spent staring intently at our screens. So when we made the next big step to meet, expectations had already been set relatively high.

Dating in 2020 was more than a little complicated, but we both had some clear ideas about navigating Covid-19. We arranged to meet at a secluded park, one that wouldn’t be overrun with people desperate to get out of their locked-down apartments. And where we could go maskless for a while, even though we knew exactly what each other looked like, I still wanted to see your smile up close.

I recognized you immediately from a few hundred yards away. Tall, blonde, and slender. I just could see your back, but I felt my heart stop immediately. Dressed head to toe in black, except for a pair of fabulous leopard print Louboutins, you were stunning.

There was a brief awkwardness as we said hello to each other. We had already talked so much, what more was there to say? But I think we were just reveling in the moment of seeing each other and letting the obvious physical attraction wash over us.

Staying six feet apart would be an impossible task, but we did quite well for the first ten minutes. Then some invisible rubber band was slowly pulling us together as we strolled along the path. It wasn’t long before I was beside you and reached down for your hand.

Even though it’s a cliche, that first touch was electric. We both felt it and turned to face each other, inches apart. And then we kissed.

I’m not going to describe that first kiss very well. How do you describe the indescribable? But I’ll give it a try. Your lips were perfect and met mine with the same careful curiosity. Pressed together, that same electricity we felt between our hands was now tenfold. Neither of us could hold back, and we were making out like two sex-starved teenagers. Had anyone seen us, there might have been a bucket of water thrown over our heads.

Finally coming up for air, we took a step back from each other. Your face was flushed with passion and desire, and there was a playfulness to your eyes. I wanted you so much at that moment, but then I screwed up.

I’ve never been that guy: You know, the type of guy who looks at a woman’s chest while talking to her. I’ve always maintained eye contact, focused on you. I was raised better than that. But you caught me when I instinctively glanced down.

Do you like what you see?” you said.

I hesitated for a moment, then truthfully said, “Absolutely.”

Would you like to see them?” was your unexpected response.

I couldn’t utter a response. I just nodded demurely.

Unbuttoning your jacket, you were wearing a black silk blouse underneath, and beneath that, an exquisitely expensive black bra. With each button of the blouse slowly being undone, you maintained eye contact with me, smiling quietly to yourself, watching my face. I was hypnotized by your moments, and as I watched your perfect cleavage appear, I felt my cock twitch and begin to grow hard.

When the blouse was undone, you pushed your chest out and gave a little wiggle and the cutest of laughs.

More?” you asked.

Absolutely!” I said.

Either you planned this, or the gods of lingerie were smiling down on me that day, as this was a bra with a front clasp. As you opened yourself to me, I almost orgasmed right there. In front of me were the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. Far larger than I imagined from seeing you during our Zoom dates, these were porn star size and quality. And yet totally natural. 

My mind was going crazy thinking about the mathematical formulas that could be used to describe these complex curves, and since I appeared to be frozen, you took my hand and placed it on the right breast breaking my reverie.

With your other hand, you reached out and stroked my very obvious erection poking through my black jeans. Again, I thought I was going to pass out; the sensation of your index finger rubbing up and down my shaft was terrific.

I want you to cum over them right now. Will you do that for me?” you asked.

Either consciously or unconsciously, we had picked a secluded part of the park. You had my cock deep in your throat, sucking my long hard shaft with incredible skill. It took all my control not to orgasm in your mouth with every fabulous stroke. You took your time, not rushing the experience, and I could feel your excitement intensifying. Had I been able to see, because all I was focused on was your beautiful blond hair bobbing in front of me, I would have noticed you rubbing your clit, and already about to cum.

Just as you orgasm, you pull off my cock and lookup. Holding my cock in your hand, stroking me with such intensity, you say 

I want it now!

And that’s when I have the best orgasm of my life. I shoot a considerable amount of semen into your cleavage, far more than I usually produce when I’m doing this alone. You smile contentedly and lick the last drops of cum off the end of my penis, sending further waves of pleasure through me. 

We clean up, reassemble our clothing, and kiss again. This time there is a depth and understanding between us. Like old lovers, we know each other intently, but there is a passion as intense as our first kiss… which was only fifteen minutes ago.

I think we should date,” you say.

And that was how we started our great love, with your perfect breasts and the world’s best orgasm.

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