To be honest, the first thing that caught my attention was not the body in the swimsuit but the swimsuit itself — this simple black vintage one piece. Long frills along every edge, so that when she moved, it was as if she was a gracefully exotic tropical fish with fins rippling through the water as she swam past. She moved with confidence but a subtle hint of awkwardness and shyness. Like she didn’t quite believe her beauty just yet. The lingering memories of being an awkward teenager, all elbows and knees, flat-chested and ignored by all the boys. But now, she was the most beautiful woman at the resort. Not like the magazine skinny women currently hanging out at the edge of the pool, but something classical, a body full of rich curves and yet slender and lithe.

For the longest time, she read and lay in the sun, the lounge chair next to her shockingly empty, until a tanned, handsome man turned up in the worst swimming shorts I had ever seen. Something like a child would wear; far too colorful and covered in cartoon animals. Surely they weren’t together?

They were lying beside each other, which would indicate a relationship, and they weren’t brother and sister. But the lack of communication, and more importantly, the lack of obvious affection, was disturbing. How could you not kiss this woman and pet her constantly? That skin begged to be touched. And yet, there was nothing, not a peep of chemistry between them.

I had two thoughts. The first was that this guy was a selfish asshole, wrapped up in his ego, and he was incapable of affection — a classic narcissist. The second was a little more forgiving, but nevertheless, still inexcusable. Men aren’t allowed to show vulnerability in today’s western society. You have to be strong. Emotions are for the weak, and showing affection is opening yourself to potential heartbreak. Better not to open yourself up at all. Pah!

My heart was breaking just watching her reach out to him and seeing no reciprocation. She deserved much more than that. Much much more.

This is why I was super excited when someone sat down in the sun-lounger next to her. This super athletic woman ripped in all the right places, and seemingly by herself, there was a moment of mutual attraction and connection, in that way when two attractive women recognize another of their clan.

But then the unexpected happened, the athlete reached over and touched the classical beauty on the arm and mentioned something that I couldn’t hear but had some instant reaction. There was a moment of hesitation, but then she slowly rose from the sun lounger, leaned over the athlete, and kissed her softly on the mouth.

I didn’t know what I was watching unfold in front of me. Did they know each other intimately, and I had read the relationship with the handsome man entirely incorrectly? But as the athlete kissed her back, I sensed something quite extraordinary had just happened. These were strangers, united by a desire to be touched, alone (essentially) on a resort vacation in Todos Santos.

The poolside was practically deserted, aside from myself, an older couple immersed in their books at the far end of the pool, and the two new lovers in front of me. Uninhibited by my presence, they continued to make out, sharing the sun lounger, lips exploring each other delicately.

In a different universe, none of us would be witnesses to this intimate moment, and they would be free to unleash their desire for each other. One would undress the other, and all their passions unrestrained and let loose. A relationship with little touch or sexual satisfaction makes for a woman who wants to be fucked; this is what the classical beauty was. And an extreme athlete who pushes her body to its limits but missing a thoughtful lover who appreciates her not just for her killer abs. They really were perfect for each other.

The athlete slowly removed the blonde beauties vintage swimsuit, leaving her naked body lying propped up on the sunlounger. She smiled knowingly as her long, supple legs opened for her new lover’s mouth. Captivated by the athlete’s toned back which was covered in exquisite inkwork, she lay back and felt a delicious tongue in her pussy and find her clit. Almost instinctively, the athlete knew exactly what movements turned her on, and it wasn’t long before she was enjoying the best orgasm of her life. Waves of ecstasy flooded her whole body, and when she was finally spent, the athlete came up and cuddled in beside her, their bodies complimenting each other perfectly.

As if some internal alarm was triggered in each of them, they quickly dressed again and resumed their previous positions. The handsome man returned from his swim, but rather than bend and kiss his beautiful girlfriend, and he just collapsed down on the sunlounger without a thought of acknowledging her. 

Whether or not the handsome man noticed was irrelevant, as his unappreciated time with her was over, but the athlete and classical beauty reached over and held hands, fingers intertwined, chemistry flowing between them like two conduits of energy. They had each other now, and the rest of the evening, if not their whole lives, ahead of them.