Most nights, when I’m lying beside you, I sleep so soundly. My typical 4 am awakenings to think about things doesn’t seem to happen when your body is close to mine. You calm me, soothe my soul, and generally fuck me to the point of exhaustion. Last night was no exception, which was no surprise since we had been apart for seven days. A week of constant texting, filled with virtual kisses and an ever-increasing longing for each other’s touch, was overrun by an unrestrained physical reconnection of our passion.

And so, looking at you asleep, bathed in a crisp fall moonlight, is an unusual delight. You’ve partially kicked off the covers and naked together; I get to paint long soft lines of adoration across your body with my eyes. I want to reach out and touch you. To run my fingers across your skin, but I’m afraid to wake you at this moment. Every curve is perfect to me, and I know every inch of your body. My tongue has touched every part of you, both inside and out. And still, it’s never enough.

As if you sensed my need to touch you, a hand emerges from underneath your body and finds my already firm cock. Holding me quietly, I’m entranced by you. And then you move your hand so slowly, sending tiny electric shocks through me as you slide your fingers up and down.

I see that smile. So wide and mischievous. You have my complete attention, but I’m distracted by how good this feels. Such a small physical movement against my body is utterly pleasurable that I miss you deftly taking me in your mouth. Suddenly encapsulated by those sweet lips and feeling your wet tongue against my cock, it’s a wonder I don’t immediately cum.

But that’s a rare occurrence and for another time. I submit to your skillful sucking and feel my whole body surrender to your touch, and yet at the same time, it stokes a fire of desire that makes me want you so badly. Pulling you off my cock, I flip you on your back and plant my mouth on your sex. At first, I don’t move, just savoring the sexual heat emanating from you, then my tongue finds and explores your clit. Over and over, I suck and lick you, bringing you closer and closer, but I always ease up at the perfect moment, just as your body arcs and twists into a frenzy. There comes the point where I can feel your frustration, and silently you are screaming,

“Finish me!” 

And when you pull my mouth hard into your pussy, that final suck and flick of my tongue unleashes your orgasm and floods every sense. I hold on until you are completely done. 

Breathless, spent, and utterly relaxed, it is almost unfair of me to kiss my way back up your body and slide my cock into you. But it’s the icing on the cake, to feel us connected like that, our bodies locked together. 

There is a considerable amount of fucking. We switch roles frequently; the one being fucked, or the one fucking. We never really stop, except to make out, but I’m always still deep inside you. And so when I reach that point where I can’t hold out any longer, you straddle me and fuck me until I cum. 

It’s my favorite position because I can look up and see you in all your beautiful details. The messy hair, the luscious smile, those gorgeous lips, the divine neck, the perfect breasts. All of those things, coupled with your lovely hips rocking back and forth of my hard cock, faster and faster until you shudder with your final orgasm that sends me exploding inside of you. 

And then our sweaty bodies collapse together. The weight of you on top of me is so comforting, and I feel your hot breath against my chest, finally returning to normal. You are asleep before me, so I get to look at you all over again, basked in a crisp fall moonlight.

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