I wasn’t expecting anything for Valentine’s Day. No flowers. Not even a card. Technically it’s hard to say that I actually have a boyfriend; I have something between a lover and a partner. ‘Friend’s With Benefits’ might be the modern terminology for it, but that falls short of what he is to me. Maybe ‘Really Good Friends with Really Fucking Good Benefits’ would be accurate. Regardless of how to classify our relationship, I didn’t for one minute expect what I got.

I had booked us into a hotel downtown, not because it was Valentine’s weekend, but rather he was flying out of town, and being closer to the airport was convenient, especially since we had a snowstorm roll in out of nowhere.

I’m going to skip to the good stuff since this is why you are here. Who cares what we had for dinner, right? Desert is all you are interested in.

Sex with him has from the very first time been amazing. It’s a combination of him being really good and me not being ever properly fucked. I’ve been making up for lost time and lost orgasms. I want him all the time. I imagine this is what a teenage boy feels. Horny… constantly.

We had been fucking for a while when he pushed me facedown on the bed, spread my arms and legs wide, and whispered,

Don’t move.

Okay. This was something new. 

He disappeared for a moment and then returned, pulled my head up with a handful of hair, and placed a leather collar around my neck.

It smelled deliciously of expensive leather, and when he sinched it tightly around my neck, I felt myself shudder with excitement and perhaps a little fear. I’m always in control, so to have someone take that away from me is incredibly intoxicating. Plus, I love to be choked. When he pushed his hard cock deep inside me again and then pulled back tightly on the collar, I felt like I was in heaven.

I do so love his cock. It’s the perfect size for me. Like Robin Williams said, ‘You can’t make butter with a toothpick!’ So thank God his larger-than-average cock was filled my pussy completely. Plus, he had this subtle curve to it that made his cock hit my G-spot in just the right place when he was fucking me.

He stopped again, pulled out, and left me lying there again. Next, I felt him sit on my ass, pull my hand behind my back, and he secured a leather cuff to my wrist. As he did up the buckle, I held onto his cock and pulled down his foreskin over and over. 

This was getting pretty hot.

With my wrists and ankles bound with leather cuffs, we continued to fuck as we usually do. He held my wrists above my head and fucked me. I do like to be made love to, but I also want to be fucked. Hard. 

He flipped me over and pushed me down into the bed, then roughly pulled my wrists back to my ankles and secured them there with metal clips. My ass was pushed up high for him to fuck. I pulled on my restraints and couldn’t move. I loved it.

He spent some time licking my pussy and ass with his fabulously dexterous tongue; I felt like I was about to orgasm just from that, all my limbs taught with tension. Then I felt his cock slide in. I was soaking wet at this point and took him quickly and deeply inside of me. 

With him slamming his cock into me, his hands on my hips, and unable to actually move, I could have fucked like this for the rest of my beautiful life. But then, when he pulled on the collar to pull my head up and then twisted it, nearly choking the life out of me, I knew I had found Nirvana. This is what I always wanted.

That twist of the collar was his cue to me that he was about to cum inside of me. And reciprocating to his now pulsating cock, I let my orgasm take over my body. I could barely breathe from the exquisite pleasure of being fucked like this, or perhaps the collar actually was too tight now. 

I’m sure there would be some bruising on my neck to deal with. But that’s what scarves are for, right?

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