Unusually, you are awake before me. How do I know this? Because I can feel your hand wrapped around my hard cock, slowly moving up and down, punctuated with your hot breath against my neck, long exhales as you slide down my shaft. I think you might have been at this for a while; I can almost smell the sweet scent of your wet sex, the subtle writhing of your thighs as you press your legs together and imagine me inside of you, fucking you hard.

Of course, now I’m more than a little turned on, and opening my eyes, I look at the person I love so very much. How long I have waited to feel this—love in its purest form. Absolute devotion. Respect and admiration. And, of course, lust. Raw and fierce passion. A craving for your body that borders on obsessive. I’ve explored every inch of your body; fucked everything; licked even more. I’ve orgasmed on, over, in, and under you. My semen has dripped from your mouth, your pussy, your ass. And you’ve loved it all. As intense as my lust is for you, it’s reciprocated a hundredfold. You’ve taken my cock deep into your mouth, sucking the very last drop of semen out of me, given me orgasms that I’ve nearly blacked out from. You’ve ridden my cock, and fucked yourself into a frenzy while I savored your beautiful breasts in front of me. We’ve done it a million times, and yet it keeps getting better. The anticipation, the act, the release. All are exquisite.

But now, as if you are reading my thoughts, you want me to fuck you. No more teasing. My cock is hard and eager. Your pussy is wet and swollen. Slowly you lower yourself down on top of me. There is a combined shudder of pleasure as you push me deep inside you. And for a moment, we just are still, enjoying that moment, that connection. But then I arch my hips and pull you deeper. Throwing your head back and laughing, you push back down, my cock so deep inside you. I can’t take my eyes off your body. I’ve never been able to stop watching you. Every curve, every line, every tangent of your form is perfect. 

And for a while, this is all we do. Fuck. But then I want to taste you, to make you cum over and over. And while I lick you from ass to clit, my fingers slip inside and tease you some more. But my tongue is the master here and hits your clit continuously until you can’t hold out any more. I know this point. I know when to pull back exactly, and it drives you nuts. “Finish me, god damn it!” you scream, and so with one last careful flick of my tongue, I send you over the edge into a deep shuddering orgasm. Somewhere along the line, while you caught your breath and sunk deep into the bed, filled with ecstasy, I came up and slid my cock in you. Nothing turns me on more than making you cum, so I’m rock solid and desperate to fuck you. But my mouth finds your delicious breasts first, and so they deserve some attention beforehand. 

Still, inside you, I can feel my orgasm rising, I’ve held back so many times, fucking you for hours, but now it’s time. And you want it; I can feel you pull me deeper with an urgency unlike before. And with our eyes locked together, we both cum at the same time. I can feel my cock pulse and twitch inside you, my cum mixing with your own fluids. We are hot and sweaty, and the covers are a mess. I want this moment to go on forever. The physical connection, being inside you, our bodies tight together. The scent of lovemaking, of your sex. The beat of your heart against my chest, the wetness of your lips against my neck, the whispers of “I love you.” in my ear.

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