It’s pitch black. An early winter morning. No sound from the house except the slow creak of the heating system keeping us warm. I feel my body slowly. Checking extremities. And then I feel you. Curled against me. Head buried in my chest. One leg over mine. Hand wrapped around my cock. Holding him firmly. A solid mass waiting to be enjoyed. 

I twitch at past thoughts. Your mouth over me. Your pussy swallowed me completely. The pulse of your orgasm. And I grow even harder. As if you were waiting unconsciously for me to be as big as possible, your hand pulls my foreskin slowly down, and I shudder with pleasure. In the early light, I can just make out your smile and slow descent to take me in your mouth. 

I feel your tongue flicking my cockclit, pushing me closer and closer to an explosively delicious orgasm. But I want to fuck you. To push this cock deep inside you. Feel you completely. And, of course, lick/kiss/suck those breasts for a long time. And so I pull you up and do those things for a long time. 

Somehow we migrated to the couch. And I’m driving myself deep in you. Red hair tumbling over your face, I can watch your body sync with mine. You pull me deeper and harder with your legs, pushing my hard cock into all the right spots. And as you orgasm beautifully, I finally let go. My cock pulsing my cum inside you. Still hard, I continue to fuck you until you beg me to stop. And after some time collapsed together, we retreat to bed again. Exactly as before, except you casually play with my slick cock and the post cum fluids. Salty and sweaty, I lick them from your fingers, and you slowly stroke me until I’m hard again. Holding me tight we fall back asleep. But I’m sure to wake up with you on top of me. Or in your mouth again. But I want my mouth over your sex this time. 

To taste you. To devour you. Over and over.

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