I’m back early from my morning run around the island. I sneak into your zoom classroom and watch as you move gracefully between yoga poses. There is perfection in your movements. Never any hesitation, and you flow effortlessly through each stage of the class. I knew I ran extra hard today to get back for this particular one; it’s my favorite day of the week, as I know you will end on the Standing Bow Pulling pose.

There is a desire for you that is constant in our relationship, but my libido is always cranked up to eleven after a hard run. Seeing you covered exquisitely in black yoga clothes, their form tight against your body, makes me want you so intensely this morning.

Relaxing from your final pose, a deliciously knowing smile creeps over your face, and you tilt your head, opening up your neck for me to kiss. It takes all my willpower not to devour you. But I start slowly, small delicate kisses down your neck, growing in intensity as I reach your shoulders. Peeling back the straps of your top, I continue across your clavicles. The taste of your sweat is intoxicating, and I lick between your breasts, savoring every inch of your skin.

One hand cups your left breast, and my mouth covers your right breast. I can feel your heart rate increase as I suck your nipple deep into my mouth. I occasionally get carried away and bite you, which elicits a sharp shriek from your mouth. Painfully pleasurable.

I progress further down your torso, licking your body, my hands on your ass. I find the edge of your yoga pants and pull them down abruptly and bury my face in your sex. Such a sweet scent; my tongue licks the top of your sex, so freshly shaved and perfectly clean.

It’s an impossible position to savor you completely, so we migrate quickly to the yoga mat, and I’m between your legs, sucking and licking your clit. It isn’t long before you cum with my tongue buried deep inside you, a shuddering climax with your hands holding my head firmly in place. There are a few moments of stillness as you relish the pleasure flooding through your body, but then your hands are frantically pulling my running pants down.

I’ve been rock hard ever since I watched you pull that last pose. My cock is desperate to be inside you, but I want something special today. Stripping the last items of clothing off each other, I ask you for Standing Bow Pulling.

Slowly I slide myself into you; such a fabulous feeling as you take me completely. I can’t linger as I usually do, taking my time to fuck you for hours; this has to be a quick one. With your leg against my chest, I slam myself into you, fucking you hard. We both use each other for balance, and it’s an intensely quick fuck. I want to hold out longer, but I feel your leg wavering, so looking down at your perfect body, I finally release myself and climax violently inside you. 

Again, there is a moment of stillness as we savor the connection between us. Covered in a subtle sheen of sweat, we embrace and kiss for a long time, naked bodies flooded with passion and love. We retreat to a steaming hot shower and then to our bed for a more extended playtime together. Only then is there a fleeting moment of panic in your eyes, and you utter  the words:

Did I close the Zoom class down!?

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